World Parkinson’s Day

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In 1817, James Parkinson first described this clinical syndrome that would be named after him. Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system which is characterised by degeneration and it mainly affects the motor system. Parkinson’s has four major clinical manifestations: Tremor at rest Rigidity Akinesia Postural instability Parkinson’s disease is often associated with the elderly and has …


Concussion and Rugby

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Concussion injuries are a common type of injury suffered by Rugby players. Head injuries are the second most prevalent injuries obtained by Rugby players following lower limb injuries. Lately people are becoming more concerned about the number of reported concussion injuries in Rugby. It has been suggested that people who suffered concussions may show physical and mental effects even up …


Foggy Brain? – Whiplash Injuries and Concussion can Lead to Brain Fog

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Brain fog is a frequently reported symptom that has been gaining more and more attention in the world of research. It is commonly reported by people who have suffered whiplash or concussion injuries and it is associated with an extended recovery time. 1 What is Brain Fog? “Brain fog” is a collection of symptoms including reduced cognition and mental acuity, …


What Causes the “Aura” of a Migraine?

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Many people today think that Aura symptoms go hand-in-hand with migraines. This is a misconception as there migraines can be with or without aura. Aura symptoms and migraine headaches can be very debilitating and early migraine treatment can help to limit the occurrence of these symptoms.1 What is migraine aura? Migraine is a widely known as a debilitating disorder and …