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Look No Hands! The Impact of a Ball to the Head can Cause Severe Brain Damage

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The ball comes flying in and the impact is directed exactly to the players head, what a beauty! Think again: That beautiful knock to the head might be more dangerous than you think! Soccer has been viewed as a sport with low risk of injuries like concussions, however recent research has suggested that mild impact to the head is certainly …


The Connection Between Gut Health and Brain Function

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Recently, it has become more apparent how microbiota could have a great influence on many aspects of our physiology. It may play a role in gut–brain communication, behavior and brain function. The gut-brain axis The gut-brain axis is receiving much recognition in the modern world, although it has been under speculation since the mid-nineteenth century. It is thought that the …


The Persistent Effects of Concussion on Brain Function

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Concussion affects many people every year and the prevalence of head injuries is especially high when it comes to contact sports like rugby and football. Concussion is now considered as a brain injury caused by blows to the neck, head or face. A concussion most commonly results in the onset of transient impairment of brain function and these transient signs …

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Brain Allergies

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The occurrence of psychiatric symptoms that are connected to substances in our environment or substances in the diet is popularly referred to as “brain allergies”.  Such allergies could either be immune mediated or they could be mediated by certain nutrients in the diet. The connection between mind and body Mental disorders are known to be caused by chemical imbalances in …


Pre-season Screenings – Concussion Management

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Welcome to Brainhub Podcast where you will discover the top news and tips on keeping your brain healthy. Matthew: Hello and welcome to the Brainhub Podcast I am Matthew Holmes and with me today is Dr. Carlo Rinaudo, a chiropractor and the owner of the Brain Hub Clinic in Sydney. Hi Carlo. Carlo: Hi Matt, great to be here today, how …